Can You Use Regular Toilet Paper in an RV?

RV owners have long heard the stories of what happens if they use regular toilet paper. Ranging from the feared pyramiding issues to clogged toilets and everything in between, many campers have heard the horror tales of not using RV-rated toilet paper. However, do you really need to upgrade to a special kind, or can you use the same stuff you have at home?

You can’t use regular toilet paper in a camper because it doesn’t break down quickly enough, making it mound and clog the black water tank. RV-quality toilet paper is designed to break apart in the tank, letting it dissolve and flush through the sewer hose with the water when you visit the next dump station.

Generally, if the toilet paper can be used in a septic system it is usually safe to use in a camper’s toilet.

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what kind of toilet paper you should use in your travel trailer, whether or not Costco’s toilet paper will do the job, and what ply you can use in the black water tank. Enjoy!

What Kind of Toilet Paper Can Be Used in an RV?

The kind of toilet paper that can be used in an RV should be dissolvable and either one-ply or two-ply. A few examples include Scott’s RV Toilet Paper, Camco RV Toilet Paper, and Thetford RV Toilet Paper. As long as it’s made to break down in the black water tank, it’s safe to use in your motorhome.

Here’s a list of reviews of our top RV toilet papers:

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls (6 Packs of 8) = 96 Regular Rolls, 231 Sheets Per Rolls, Made for RVs and Boats

  • Scott’s Quick-Dissolving RV Toilet Paper: This motorhome toilet paper is a one-ply layer that comes with 48 jumbo rolls. Each roll is made for RV and boat black water tanks since the paper falls apart once it hits the water. It’s quite budget-friendly compared to other RV toilet papers, too.
  • Camco RV Toilet Paper: Camco is a well-known brand in the industry, so it’s no surprise that their ultra-durable, two-ply RV toilet tissue made the list. You’ll get four big toilet paper rolls to last one or two weekends, which is more than enough if you only camp a couple of times each year.
  • Thetford RV Toilet Paper: Thetford put comfort first when they made their Aqua-Soft toilet paper rolls. Much like the Camco toilet paper, you’ll receive four two-ply rolls in each package. The soft tissue will fall apart when water splashes on it, so make sure you keep it in a dry place for storage.

As you can see, there’s plenty of toilet paper to look through before choosing the perfect rolls for your RV. There are a few other brands that you could look through, but most generic brands are fit for the job. If you’re thinking about grabbing the cheapest toilet paper from your favorite chain stores, head onto the next section.

Can You Use Costco Toilet Paper in an RV?

We personally use the Costco toilet paper in our travel trailer. We do get the mounding, and using the black tank flush it takes a LONG time to flush. We have had it clog before. We have learned to only use this if we are on hookups for short weekend trips.

You can use Costco toilet paper in an RV sparingly since it breaks down into small bits and pieces. However, using too much of it can lead to clogs and pyramiding (a situation where the toilet paper piles at the bottom of the toilet tank, making a massive clog that requires manual removal).

Road Work Play did a test to see if Costco’s generic brand, Kirkland Signature, would be suitable for motorhomes. The cheap construction of the toilet paper made it a decent selection for those looking to save money while on the road.

While these results prove you can use low-budget toilet paper without too many issues, we don’t recommend non-RV-rated toilet paper as a long-term solution.

We know firsthand that using this TP long-term can cause issues. On our last camping trip we were loading up to head to our next destination, and while we were draining our black tank we discovered a gnarly clog that resulted in us spending an additional two hours trying to resolve the issue. It was a time-consuming, and stinky mess that could have easily been remedied if we were using RV-specific toilet paper. 

If you go camping just a few days at a time then most likely it will not be an issue but if it’s more than a weekend trip considering purchasing trailer-specific toilet paper. That being said, full-time or long-distance RV adventurers are best off using the previously mentioned toilet paper options.

We understand how affordable Costco’s toilet paper can be, so it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of rolls tucked away in your RV for emergencies. 

Can You Use Two-Ply Toilet Paper in a Motorhome?

You can use two-ply toilet paper in a motorhome if it dissolves upon water contact. Soft, thin, porous toilet paper fibers can deteriorate much quicker than a traditional roll. The ply is usually irrelevant since it’s the construction material that matters the most when choosing an RV toilet paper roll.

Always follow these four instructions when choosing toilet paper for an RV:

  1. You can use two-ply toilet paper if it’s designed to break down once it touches the water. The ply isn’t nearly as important as the toilet paper’s material. If it doesn’t have anything about RV’s or marine toilets, it’s best to steer clear of the toilet paper. Dense layers can mound in the tank.
  2. Many companies sell two-ply toilet paper for motorhomes, so there’s a wide selection to look through. Gone are the days of sacrificing comfort for proper sewage. RV toilet paper can be just as soft and durable as regular toilet paper, and it’s not nearly as pricey as it used to be.
  3. Two-ply toilet paper isn’t always as good as one-ply toilet paper. Many people think two-play automatically makes one-ply irrelevant. Truthfully, the softness and weave are more important. One-ply toilet paper can be thicker than two-ply toilet paper, reducing the chances of ripping since it doesn’t have multiple layers that can separate.
  4. Always ensure the RV tp is made for motorhome toilets. Camping World explains that using regular toilet paper can ruin your camping experience by clogging the toilet. Motorhome toilet tank clogs can lead to gross, long drains and repairs. You might even have to remove the tank to clear the blockage.

It’s best to put the purpose and quality of the toilet paper over the ply. As you read earlier in the article, there are many one-ply and two-ply toilet papers on the market. As long as it’s meant for motorhomes and is comfortable, it’s a surefire way to protect your investment without leading to discomfort or gross encounters.


Now that you know the right kind of toilet paper to use in your motorhome, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs, gross cleaning sessions, or clogging the toilet. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use the toilet more between dump station visits since the paper dissolves and doesn’t mound up.

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