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Can You Take an RV Through a Truck Wash?

Being on the road for such a long time, your RV can get dirty faster than expected. However, finding a spot that allows you to wash an RV is not easy. But if you pass numerous signs indicating truck wash ahead, you may consider taking your RV through a truck wash.

You can take an RV through a truck wash. However, you must consider the size of the RV and the size of the truck wash. Pay attention to any antennas, ladders, or ac units protruding from the sides or top of the RV. Furthermore, all entrances and exits of a truck wash may not be suitable for an RV. 

This article will look at how to wash an RV at a truck wash, highlighting what to look out for to gain the best results. If you are interested in keeping your RV clean, continue reading.

How To Wash an RV at a Truck Wash

There are several ways that you can wash your RV. However, when using a truck wash, there are typically only three ways:

  • Self-service truck wash
  • Manual truck wash 
  • Automated truck wash

Self-Service Truck Wash

In a self-service truck wash, all the work is completed by you. The truck wash will provide the water and space, but you’re responsible for all the equipment and work it takes to wash the RV.

Therefore, ensure you have the correct tools and materials, such as a bucket, sponge, wash solution, and ladder. Additionally, check whether it’s safe for you to walk on the RV’s roof. You can wash your RV using the top-bottom approach, which means starting from the top and making your way to the tires. 

RV manufacturers provide cleaning instructions, which you should read before attempting to wash your RV.

Take note that using a pressure washer is not advisable for cleaning an RV. However, if you use a pressure washer, do it with caution. A pressure washer set to the incorrect pressure or held too close to the vehicle will result in damage.

This option is the least expensive of the three options. And if you know how to clean your RV, a self-service truck wash can provide the best results. However, this kind of truck wash is also the most difficult to locate.

Manual Truck Wash

In this option, the truck wash will provide the water and space, but it will also provide the labor. The truck wash might also include cleaning solutions and equipment. However, this is typically not the case. 

Manual truck washes use pressure washers to get your RV clean. It will remove dirt and insects from the surface of the RV, but it will not be a detailed clean. This option can result in some inconsistency in the quality of work.

The workers do not scrub the RV. A cleaning solution is applied, and then the power washes off. They will also wash any vehicle you are towing, such as camper canvas

Automated Truck Wash

When using automated truck washes, size is always a consideration. The equipment may need help cleaning the smaller RVs adequately, as the design of truck washes is for larger rigs. 

The automated truck wash utilizes high-powered water jets, which can cause damage to the RV depending on its material. Also, some cleaners or chemicals used by the truck wash can lead to damage to the RV. 

Final Thoughts

It is possible to take your RV through a truck wash. However, it requires thorough research before acting on that decision. 

Before driving up to that washing bay, many things need mulling over. Other than the size of the bay and the size of the RV, consider the following:

  • The entrance and exit of the bay.
  • Appendages on the RV, such as mirrors and antennae.
  • Type of clean expected.
  • Material on the exterior of the RV.

Hand washing the RV will always provide the best results. However, what you need at the point of washing should determine the kind of truck wash you choose.

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