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How to Remove Black Streaks From Your Fiberglass RV

You have unleashed an entire arsenal of cleaning supplies, sponges, scrubbing techniques, and onslaughts of pressurized water, but they are still there. Cleaning your recreation vehicle and achieving a polished shine is challenging enough on its own, but black streaks add an additional series of problems to the event. These black streaks are not only stubborn and tough but also seem to be resilient to all cleaning products.

The best way to clean black streaks off of your RV is to use specialized cleaners that are made to combat the oxidation process and will remove black streaks with a quick wash. Without the chemical cleaners, it can take some elbow grease to remove streaks off of your RV.

So, you are probably wondering just how do you remove these black streaks from your fiberglass RV. Well, if you continue reading below you will learn more about what causes these pesky black streaks and be outfitted with several of the best tactics to finally defeat them. Whether you are a new RV owner who just washed their brand new vehicle for the first time or a veteran owner who has been in a war with these black streaks for years, you should continue on below to find out the number one solution that will give you the upper hand when those black streaks strike again!

How To Remove Black Streaks From Your RV

If you were unable to keep up with your RV’s cleaning regimen or are a long-time RV owner that has never been able to defeat those pesky black streaks, you are in luck!

Honestly, the solution to defeating these black streaks is simple. All you need to do is purchase and apply a cleaning product that is specifically designed to remove black stains from the fiberglass.

There are a variety of these products on the market, but StarBrite Black Streak Remover and B.E.S.T Black Streak Remover are two of the most common RV black streak removers.

These products and the other ones on the market like them actually reverse the oxidation process and are able to attack those frustrating black streaks exactly where they are vulnerable. We love these two products and they are convenient because no scrubbing is involved. Once the product has sat on the black streak for about thirty seconds it can be wiped away with ease!

Once the oxidation process is reversed, the black streaks that you have combated for wash after wash will begin to be easy to remove from your RV’s fiberglass body. After you apply the solution and scrub the black streaks free, all you need to do is hose down your RV to remove any residual cleaning solution. 

How To Wash and Clean Black Streaks Off Your RV Step by Step

Step 1

Starting on the roof and working your way down, apply a cleaning agent to your RV and begin to scrub using a bit of elbow grease. Use this scrubber to be as effective as possible!

Step 2

After scrubbing the body of your RV, pay special attention to the minor details of your RV and scrub those (tires, accents, mirrors, door handles).

Step 3

Next, rinse your RV off removing all dirt, grime, and cleaning agent residue. Your RV should be shining. 

Step 4

Attack any stubborn black streaks with a black streak cleaner.

Step 5

Wash away the residual amounts of cleaner, and dry your RV with a soft cloth. 

What Causes Black Streaks to Form on Your RV?

Essentially, any type of debris that lands on your recreation vehicle and slides slowly down its fiberglass body can cause black streaks. Dirt, grime, animal droppings, and mildew are the usual culprits that cause black streaks, and one of those or a collection of the bunch is probably what attacked your recreation vehicle.

The best way to combat these black streaks is to prevent them from forming in the first place. However, that is easier said than done, especially if you have had your travel trailer for years and have black streaks already, or you purchased a used RV and inherited the previous owner’s black streaks.

If you are a new RV owner who recently purchased a new vehicle from a dealership, you may be able to take care of your recreational vehicle’s fiberglass body before these streaks begin to form. If you are a new RV owner, the next section in the article details the strategy you can implement to prevent these black streaks from forming.

However, if you are not and are currently dealing with black streaks, skip on over to the following paragraph and learn how to remove them. 

How To Prevent Black Streaks From Forming on Your RV

If you are a new travel trailer owner, the best way to prevent black streaks from forming on your RV’s fiberglass body is to implement an aggressive and consistent cleaning strategy. If you are able to store your RV in a garage or under a covering, you obviously will not need to be as vigilant with your cleaning regimen as you would have to be if it is being left out in the open.

If you are frequently taking your RV on the road or it is stored out in the public, washing the RV exterior as often as you can is a good strategy to implement, to attack black streaks before they form.

When debris like dirt and bird droppings fall onto your RV and begin sliding down its body, they begin to oxidize and become baked into your RV’s fiberglass. This oxidation results in black streaks being left wherever the material lands.

Therefore, if you are trying to tackle these black streaks before they form it is pertinent that you wash your RV often to remove any debris that might have fallen onto it. If you are ever unable to keep up with your cleaning regimen, you shouldn’t fret too much. There is still hope that you can remove these black streaks from your RV. 

The Cleanest RV on the Block

Even if you wash your RV every day with an RV cleaner, those black streaks won’t let up and be wiped away from your RV’s fiberglass without the right cleaning solution. This obviously can be frustrating when you are trying your best to make your RV shine and look it’s best.

However, now that you know how to remove these black streaks and how to prevent them from forming in the first place, you will be better equipped to attack these black streaks exactly where it hurts.

What once seemed like a lost cause, will now seem like an easy process and just another step in the RV cleaning process. Your neighbors will be all eyes and might even ask you questions about how exactly you managed to remove those pesky black streaks, for it won’t be long before you have the cleanest RV on the block. Happy camping!

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