The Most Versatile RV Camping Grill

Why would you want a grill for your travel trailer?

A bbq grill is not just a cooking appliance, it is a gateway to the outdoors, back to the caveman cooking over the open fire. It allows the chef to utilize fire and heat to create the maillard reaction to manipulate flavor to the chef’s liking. A grill when camping is the center of attention, it is the gathering place where everyone awaits their meal after a long day of hiking or playing in the outdoors.

When we choose a BBQ we had a few factors in mind, size, versatility, quality, as well as cooking effect.

We chose the Blackstone 17” table top grill as the winner.

A flat top may not be a typical choice, but it can cook everything we need it to.

Our travel trailer basement storage compartment is tall on the edges, but height is limited in the middle where the bed sits at about 11”. Other grills would not fit completely under our storage compartment leaving us limited choices as we did not want it stored in the travel trailer. The Blackstone is about 8.5” high.

We wanted to be able to use one appliance for outdoor cooking and not carry around several items. This is a flat top grill so you can cook pancakes, eggs, steaks, burgers, vegetables, toast buns, basically anything you want to throw at it, it will do.

This grill is built to last

The cook top itself is a cold rolled steel cook surface. It is very good quality as it would be hard to damage a ¼” steel plate. You will need to season it like a cast iron skillet, ours has been nonstick through the whole year since we have had it. There is an adapter included to utilize one pound propane bottles, but you can also use a gas line from your trailers quick connect to the grill so you do not have to deal with the small bottles.

How much can you cook?

The size of the grill allows users to cook for a whole family, you can fit about 12 hamburger patties on the grill, you can also fit about 12 pancakes at a time, sear your rib eye, cook your potatoes, fry your zucchini and mushrooms. A pound of bacon is no match for the size of grill either.

Other great items for the grill:

We have had a great time using the grill with the accessory kit, the kit comes with two spatulas, two bottles, (one for oil and one for water to steam items), as well as a griddle scraper. We have not used the scraper yet as we have not had a sticking problem.

An additional must have was the griddle cover and carrying bag. You can put the cover on when not in use but want to leave it out on a table, or pack it in your carrying bag for protected storage. It seems as the carrying bag is lined with resin as grease and other items will not stain or permeate through the bag.

We have loved using the grill with our last cook being peanut butter and jelly hamburgers and we hope you love yours as well. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

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