Best 12 Volt High Amp Hour Batteries for your RV and Travel Trailer

Batteries are one of the most important parts to your RV, Camper, or Travel Trailer. They are what provides you the juice to go off grid and enjoy your time with your family, friends, and nature. Selecting the best battery for you will keep you worry free and allow you to enjoy your time camping.

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The best high amp hour battery for your travel trailer is the Lion Energy Safari UT 1300. Our coupon code “savvycampers” will get you 15% off your battery purchase making these a hard deal to beat. The batteries provide 105 usable amp-hours. Two UT1300’s give us 210 amp hours whereas two of our old lead-acid batteries only gave us 90 amp hours. If you are looking for the best batteries on the market, these are them. Couple their great performance with their Limited Lifetime Warranty and you have a winner. For more information, see the full section below.

Full Battery Guide

Below, you will find the full comparison of the top 10 batteries of different types, amp hours, and price that are simply the best batteries you can get on the market today.

If you are a boondocker, you will be interested in upgrading to lithium batteries. The differences in lithium batteries are night and day. Here is an in depth comparison to the differences of Lead Acid and Lithium batteries:

BatteryAmp HourWeightSize LxWxHTypeWarranty
Trojan SCS20011560 lbs12.8×6.73×9.8Deep Cycle Flooded1 Year
Renogy AGM10466 lbs13×6.8×9AGM2 Year
Renogy GEL1006013.2×6.8×8.5GEL3 Year
Lion Energy10523 lbs10.2″x6.6″x8.8″Lithium IonLimited Lifetime
Renogy Li Ir10028.110.2×6.2×9.6Lithium Iron5 Year
Universal 10010063.93 lbs12.7×6.61×9.16AGM1 Year
VMAX 1251257512.9×6.8×8.7AGM1 Year
VMAX SLR1001006012×6.7×8.2AGM1 Year
Battle Born LiFePO41003112.8×6.9×9Lithium10 Year
WindyNation 1001006613×6.8×8.7AGM1 Year
MightyMax 100-1210063.9312.17×6.61×8.3SLA1 Year

Trojan SCS200

Lets start off with one of the best brands of batteries on the market today. Trojan has been around since 1925 and has been one of the leading batteries for golf carts and heavey equipment. The Trojan SCS 200 is one of the best lead acid batteries on the market and holds 115 amp hours. The battery manufacturer provides you a 1 year warranty due to failure of materials or craftsmanship.

The Trojan SCS200 is a popular battery for replacement of a 12v battery in a Travel Trailer or RV as it will bolt right in and give more amperage than a stock battery that comes with the dealer.

Trojan provides a nice carrying handle with rope and four points of contact so you will not have to worry about a handle breaking while you are removing for winter storage.

This battery is average weight as compared to its peers in the 100 amp hour range.

Good HandleHeavier than Lithium
1 Year WarrantyFlooded Battery
Huge capacity

Renogy Deep Cycle AGM 100AH

Renogy has been in the solar world for years now. We have a Renogy solar kit on our RV and it is a quality solid unit. Their batteries are made specifically to store solar power and are leak proof, spill proof, and maintenance free.

The Renogy AGM 100AH battery is rated over its specifications at 104 amp hours. AGM batteries can typically be recharged faster than flooded and last longer.

This battery truly will be maintenance-free as it is sealed. No longer will you have to monitor your water levels within your battery, find distilled water, and open caps and possibly get battery acid everywhere.

The AGM battery is one of the heaviest of all 100 amp hour batteries on the list, but only by about 2 pounds. Typically, you are not lugging around batteries all day, so this factor probably makes no difference.

Overall, this is a great battery for the money and it was designed to retain and provide solar power so it is perfect for use in a RV or Travel Trailer.

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Low Terminals for Short ProtectionMade of ABS so could crack if hit
AGM Maintenance FreeHeavy at 66 Pounds
2 Year Warranty

Renogy GEL 100AH

Next up on the list is the Renogy GEL 100 amp hour battery. This battery is a bit more than its sister, the AGM battery, but GEL batteries provide a better battery platform and more cycles of life than a normal battery.

This battery provides a 3 year warranty for the consumer and should have a 10 year service life if taken care of properly. As the battery is sealed, you will have no worry of leaking or spilling and it has a regulated valve for letting off gas.

Another feature of this battery is its Low Self Discharge means it will only loose about 3% of battery life per month at 25c compared to a flooded battery that can lose almost 1% per day. As GEL batteries are higher quality, this battery has a 1000 max discharge rate for 5 seconds.

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Has short leads to prevent accidental shortingMade of ABS which could crack if hit
Provides a quick rechargeLarger Footprint than most
Heavy duty metal plates
Sealed to prevent spills

Lion Energy Safari UT 1300 Lithium Ion

Lion Energy is one of the leading manufacturers of lithium RV batteries. The Safari UT 1300 is their flagship model. Let me start off by first telling you that they back their products with a Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY. They guarantee 3,500 cycles or 80% capacity of the battery.

If you are interested in purchasing some for yourself, enter our discount code “savvycampers” to take 15% off of your next purchase from

I personally have two Lion energy batteries and they are top-notch. From their build quality to the specs they are great. We have bench tested these batteries and have received 102 amp-hours of energy at a 70 amp load. With our lead-acid batteries, we were only able to get about 20.6 amp-hours.

Comparing these to your old lead acid is night and day.

Weighing only 23 pounds, these batteries are sure to give you a large reduction in tongue weight, as well as provide a huge upgrade of usable amp-hours from lead-acid.

I love the design of the terminals as you get two areas to attach all of your accessories to which works perfect for us as we have our trailer master power, parallel wires, tongue jack wring, solar, and inverter wiring all attached to our lugs.

These batteries are built for campers and allow you to take your boondocking to the next level.

Renogy Lithium-Iron

The Renogy Lithium-Iron 100ah battery is one of the top dogs of batteries. It truly makes it to the top 3 of my must-have batteries. The lifespan is double of the best Gel battery at 2,000 cycles. This will keep you in your RV for much longer time than any battery. This battery weighs in at one of the lightest batteries at 28.1 pounds.

The manufacturer stands behind this one as it provides a 5 year warranty. This battery has a lot more usable life than a lead-acid battery as you can safely discharge them to 50% before permanent damage occurs whereas you can safely discharge this battery to 20% and it will cut off to not damage the battery. This means you have 80 amp hours of usable power whereas a comparable battery has only 50 amp-hours.

This battery has a built in set of protection with it’s on board battery management system. There is overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over current, short circuit, and over-temperature protection. This battery is truly one you can buy and use for many years to come.

Another feature is that it also has a low self discharge rate meaning it will only discharge 3% while not in use. As mentioned normal lead acid batteries can self discharge up to 1% per day.

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Lasts over twice as long
5 Year Warranty

Universal Power 100 Ah

The Universal Power 100 AH battery is one of the best bang for the buck batteries you can get for your RV. It is an AGM maintenance-free sealed spillproof battery that will keep your battery maintenance down to zero. No more filling and looking to check battery levels.

The manufacturer warranties the battery for 1 year from date of purchase, and there are plenty of great reviews to back up the quality of this battery.

Being on the less expensive side, this battery still is one top competitor to beat.

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Low Cost3rd heaviest Battery
Great Handle
Resists Shocks and Vibration

VMAX Tank SLA125

The VMAX SLA 125 is a beast of a battery weighing in at 75 pounds, but also providing 125 amp hours which is the highest on the list. If you are looking for the largest battery, this is it.

The internal construction of this battery is made with military-grade heavy duty plates and the battery has a lifespan of 8-10 years. VMAX specializes in manufacturing batteries for solar and heavy duty applications making this the perfect battery for an RV or travel trailer.

VMAX provides a 1 year warranty on this battery, but being a sealed lead acid, its lifespan is much longer. This battery will add some weight to the tongue of your travel trailer, but if you have a single setup you will be fine. If you have a dual battery or more, this could add 15 pounds per battery so you will want to watch your tongue weight.

The VMAX is for you if you want a good quality battery that has higher amperage than other batteries and you are off grid a lot.

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Highest AmperageHeavy
Small Footprint
Long lifespan


The VMAX SLR100 is similar to the 125 above, but it is much more lightweight and has 25 amp hours less or has 25% less amp hours. If you don’t need the extra amperage, this battery is a great value.

This battery also has military-grade plates to provide a long 5-8 year service life. As this battery is sealed, you can expect that there will be no further maintenance of checking levels and adding water. Also, there will be no fumes or gasses that come from the charging process.

This battery will last a long time and will be a great addition to a travel trailer who wants a lightweight tongue weight and additional amp hours.

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Fast recharge ratePrice
Military Grade Plates

Battle Born LiFePO4

The Battle Born LiFePO4 is a very capable lithium battery. They stand behind their batteries so much, they have a 10-year warranty. This battery is our top recommended lithium battery for several reasons.

Not only do you get an industry-leading warranty, but it has a built-in battery management system that protects from temperature volatility, ground faults, regulates power in and out, as well as can shut off the system to protect the li-ion cells from unsafe operating conditions.

This battery is one of the lightest weight batteries on the market that provides 100 amp hours while giving you 3,000-5,000 cycles of life. The batteries are designed and assembled in Reno NV in the USA.

When you upgrade to lithium, you can now safely discharge to 20% of your battery vs 50% in a lead-acid, meaning, you get 80 amp hours you can use in your 100 amp hour battery vs only 50 amp hours of use in a lead-acid. This can give you a few days even more of camp time without recharging.

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This is the one to buy if you want lithium!

10 Year WarrantyPrice
Built in Battery Management
Lightweight at 31 lbs

Windy Nation 100

Windy Nation is a manufacturer that is big in solar power, inverters, as well as batteries. As they are one of the leading solar power developers for RV’s you can count on the fact that their batteries live up to the test of working with inverters, solar, storing power, and using.

This 100 ah battery is equipped with short terminals that help prevent shorting the battery out with a wrench or piece of metal. Instead of having a nut to put on the bolt on the battery, the battery acts as the nut and you have a bolt to use. This lowers your chances of arching out significantly.

Windy Nation offers a 1 year warranty which is industry standard for this type of battery. The battery is a sealed AGM battery meaning you will not have to worry about filling it up with distilled water, checking levels, or it leaking.

The battery also has a low self-discharge so it will hold a charge longer than a cheaper model. Typical lead acid batteries can lose up to 1% of battery life per day just sitting.

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Low Terminals for Short ProtectionWeight
Long Life @ 10-12 YearsABS Plastic May Crack
Sealed AGMNo good way of carrying

Mighty Max 100ah

Mighty Max creates many types of batteries from RV’s, ride on toys, vacuums, wheelchairs, etc. so they have a lot of experience when it comes to developing a battery for a specific application. This battery is designed to work in a solar application and to last a long time powering your RV.

The weight on this battery is average as compared to the other batteries we recommend. It is not the lightest, but its also not the heaviest.

This Mighty Max 100ah battery is a sealed lead acid battery, so like many of the others, there will be no filling, spilling, checking, or maintenance on this unit.

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30 Day Full Refund
1 Year Warranty
Good carrying handles
Sealed Lead Acid

Battery Buying Guide

Types of Batteries

There are several different types of batteries you can use on a travel trailer or RV. The different types are listed below.

Flooded lead-acid

A flooded lead acid battery is one of the least expensive batteries on the market you can get for a travel traielr. These batteries will require maintenance as the battery acid can turn into a gas when in use and vent out. This gas will need to be replaced in the form of distilled water. Flooded batteries can leak when charging or if tipped over.


An AGM battery is an Absorbed Glass Mat battery. It has a glass mat that wicks the battery acid or electrolyte solution between the battery plates. This makes the batteries able to store the liquid in a dry state instead of a free liquid. As the battery works, the mat distributes electrolyte to the plate as required. This battery cannot spil if tipped or damaged.


A gel battery is basically like any other battery but there is silica dust added to the electrolyte forming a gel. This makes the batteries nonspillable if they are tipped or damaged. Gel batteries have a greater resistance to vibration and movement and can be perfect for a travel trailer or RV.

Lithium Ion

Lithium Ion batteries provide better performance and last longer than other types of batteries for RV’s. They also have superior vibration and shock resistance as compared to other batteries. They will last longer than lead acid when comparing apples to apples and will produce a more constant voltage.


The capacity of a battery is depicted from how many amp hours it has. We recommend you have at least a 100 amp hour battery for your trailer. If you expect to do some off grid camping, you should have at least 2 batteries. Read more about how long batteries will last from our article.

Depth of discharge

Depth of discharge is different between the two types of batteries. On lead acid batteries you can discharge up to 50%. This means if you have a 100 amp hour battery, you can only safely use 50 amp hours or you will cause permanent damage.

A lithium, however, is safe to discharge 80%. If you have the same 100 amp battery, you have 80 usable amp hours or 30% more power than lead acid. This is especially helpful on longer trips without shore power.

Lithium can also be charged at a higher rate than a lead acid to get you on the road faster and have some more juice.

Do I need a RV deep cycle battery?

Yes, you will need a deep cycle battery on your RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, or Tent Camper. This will allow you to use 12v devices while off-grid. If you use an automotive battery, you cannot expect to get much life while unplugged.

Do I need a battery disconnect switch?

No, it is not necessary to have a battery disconnect switch. However, it is highly recommended as it will make it much easier to cut power with a switch when you need to work on your trailer or want to cut power for a storage period.

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