Why Does My RV Squeak When I Walk and How to Fix It? 

Few things are more annoying than when you’re walking inside your RV and suddenly hear a squeak. Depending on the issue, you might only hear the noise occasionally, or with every single footstep. Either way, it’s a nuisance, and you likely want to put it to a stop. 

The main reason that your RV squeaks when you’re walking is because of suspension problems or rust in the leaf springs. It’s also possible that you need to grease your spring ends and shackles. Finally, it’s possible that you have a creaky floorboard, or loose furniture that is scraping the floor.

As you can see, there are a number of things that can lead to a squeaky RV. To determine what’s causing the issue, you’ll have to check each component individually to find the source of the squeak. Then, you’ll have a good idea of what the cause is and use the methods in this article to fix it. 

5 Reasons My RV or Motorhome Squeaks When I Walk and How to Fix It 

Rusty Suspension System Causing your RV to Squeak

The most likely cause for a squeaky RV when you’re walking inside of it is because of a rusty suspension system. Whether you have a travel trailer, motorhome, or fifth-wheel camper, they all have intricate suspension systems. Most RVs use a leaf-spring suspension system because it’s cheap and easy to install. Others use a torsion-axle suspension system. 

Regardless of the type of suspension system your RV has, it can rust and start squeaking. Rust can build up around the tires, springs, air pressure springs, and areas around the axles, spring ends, and shackles. You’ll have to locate the rust and remove it or spray it down with WD-40 to stop the squeaking. 

The Slide Out is Creaking 

If your suspension system isn’t to blame, it’s possible that your slideout is moving and shaking when you walk. A moving slideout is especially possible on older RVs or RVs that have too much weight in the slideout. 

To determine if your slideout is the source of the squeak, stand outside near the slide and have someone else walk around inside the camper. If the slideout is squeaking, you can use a designated camper greaser or WD-40 to grease down the squeaky component. Typically, it will be either the bar, pulley, cable, or rack and pinion system on the bottom of the slideout.

Squeaky Stabilizers

Just as your suspension system can be the cause of an obnoxious squeak, it’s possible that your RV stabilizers are to blame. RV stabilizers are durable, strong components, but they are also exposed to moisture, salt, and dirt. Therefore, they tend to rust or dry out over time and require frequent lubing and maintenance to keep them from squeaking when you’re walking inside your camper. 

Your RV Steps are Moving 

Another problem we’ve run into that can cause squeaking is when your RV steps are scraping on the ground. This usually happens if the RV is situated higher off the ground than usual and the steps are able to touch the ground but not solidly. 

You’ll be able to tell if the steps are the source of your squeak by jumping up and down inside the camper near your door. If you hear a squeak every time you land, the steps are probably to blame. You should also be able to see the steps visibly move if you’re outside the camper and someone else is doing the jump test. 

To solve this issue, put boards or RV leveler blocks underneath the steps to raise them slightly. Once they’re solid, they shouldn’t be able to move and squeak.  

A Creaky Floorboard or Something Inside the RV 

Just like houses, RVs have floor joists that support the weight of everything inside the camper. Over time, small gaps can develop between the floor and the joists, resulting in a squeak when you step on certain parts of the floor. To remedy this, you’ll have to pull up the floor and secure it to the joist with nails or screws, which might be more trouble than it’s worth. 

You could also have added a small piece of furniture to your camper, such as an ottoman or shoe rack. If your floor isn’t perfectly level, the furniture will slightly shift on the floor, resulting in a small squeak. You can either move the item to a different area or stabilize the area beneath the furniture to fix this. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is my RV so squeaky? 

If your RV squeaks when you walk, it’s because of a rusty suspension system, moving steps, or squeaky stabilizers. If it squeaks while operating the slideouts, it’s because the rack and pinion system needs to be greased or the slideout bar is crooked. 

What causes a trailer to squeak? 

If your trailer is squeaking while driving, it’s likely because of bad breaks, a rusty ball hitch or receiver, or faulty axles. 

Why does my travel trailer make so much noise? 

Travel trailer noises while driving are usually because of a rusty or loose ball hitch. It’s also possible that your sway bar or weight distribution hitch is squeaky or loose. Travel trailer noises, while you’re stationary, are because of a rusty suspension system or squeaky stabilizers. 

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