Here are the Best Accessories for Towing a Travel Trailer

When towing your trailer or driving your RV you may find that some items such as navigating, towing, backing up, etc. can be difficult. These travel trailer towing accessories below are available to make your trip even easier to get from point A to point B. I know for me towing can be stressful, these items make each portion of your trip better for more enjoyment on your travels.

What are the best accessories for towing a travel trailer?

The best accessories for towing a travel trailer are geared to make your life easier. Items like a GPS, backup camera, brake controller, weight distribution hitch, and tire pressure monitor make sure your tow is easy and as problem free as pissible.

RV Specific GPS

First and foremost, you need to know where you are going and get there safely. The Garmin RV 770 RV Dedicated GPS includes RV specific features such as a directory of RV Parks and services, a filter for campgrounds based on your preferred amenities, built in WiFi for easy map and software updates, an almost 7” screen to make viewing easy, as well as most important RV routing and road warnings custom tailored to you based on the size and weight specifications of your RV or Travel Trailer. Elevation profile information, and millions of new and popular spots to visit are great additions to make your trip the most enjoyable as possible. This GPS is a must as it will function without cell phone services. You can save the roof A/C on your trailer by knowing upcoming bridge heights and reroute around them. Don’t get caught without directions to your destination with this GPS.

Travel Trailer Backup Camera

Having a backup camera on the back of your RV or Travel Trailer can make navigating through tight spaces a breeze. The Furrion wireless high speed RV Observation system is a must to end the constant wondering if you can make it in this spot or not. The camera has a range of about 100 feet, so no matter how long your RV or Travel Trailer is, you are guaranteed to see what is behind you. Your kids in the back seat can even keep entertained by watching upcoming traffic approaching from the rear. Backup camera ready may be something to look for when purchasing an RV, learn more about our other top features to look for when buying new.

Weight Distribution Hitch

We love our Andersen No Sway weight distribution hitch. The Andersen hitch is our favorite accessory and is a must as it makes towing a breeze. We barely know that we are towing as it does not make noise or bounce over bumps. The hitch has already made itself useful when it helped us avoid an accident with a coyote in the road. The No Sway hitch is about half the weight of bar type hitches and provides great sway control which automatically adjusts based on the tongue weight of the trailer. The heavier it is, the more sway control you have. The Andersen hitch also allows for connection and removal when you are backed in at an angle. The unit also does not screech and grind like other bar style units. This hitch is a complete win and will up your towing game. Learn about our other top recommended hitches by reading our hitch guide.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Keeping your tires properly inflated can help avoid a blowout and a nasty roadside situation. The EEZTire-TPMS Real Time TPMS4 system accurately monitors tire pressure and temperature for up to 26 tires. The unit comes with four anti theft sensors and monitor. The monitor is powered by a built in rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 60 hours per charge. The sensors have replaceable batteries. The TPMS4 system includes a 3 year product warranty for your benefit and will ensure you are traveling safe.

Air Compressor

To go along with your tire safety, if you do have a low tire on the road, you need a way to inflate it. The VIAIR 400P portable air compressor pumps up to 150 psi and is very compact at 13x11x9.5 inches. A tire gauge is attached to check your inflation is important as well when airing up.

Portable Jump Starter

Never be caught on the road with a dead battery with the NOCO Genius Boost Plus. This favorite travel trailer accessory is a 1,000 amp portable lithium jump starter. This will start vehicles with gas engines up to 6 liters and diesels up to 3. A 2,000 amp version will work for up to 8 liters gas and 6 liters diesel. The unit includes a 100 lumen LED flashlights for emergencies, the Boost Plus can also charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, and more. The unit is compact at 8.3 x 4.1 x 4.6 inches and is small enough to fit under a pickup seat. Don’t get caught with a dead truck like I did and prepare for any situation.

Torque Wrench

Keeping your lug nuts torqued is important when you are towing as you may have an additional 5,000+ pounds behind your vehicle. The Tekton 1/2″ driver is capable of up to 250 pounds of torque. You will want to check your trailer lugs as well as your tow vehicle lugs each time before you go on a trip.

Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake

You must have a trailer brake, so if you must have something you need to like it. We love our Tekonsha P3. You can read about why we love it here. The unit provides proportional braking for your trailer up to 4 axles. The unit is highly adjustable with its customization settings and can store profiles for up to 5 vehicles.

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