Best 6 RV and Camping Generators Reviewed for 2023

Many travel trailer owners go from plug in campground to plug in campground, but many will also go into the back country where there is no power available. Without power, your batteries will drain down and eventually leave you with no heat, water, light, etc. A good way to keep your batteries charged as well as use other items in your trailer that will require 110 volt power such as a TV and microwave is to use a generator.

If you are in the northern climate, you may not need a generator that is large enough to run your a/c unit. If you are in the south, you may want to make sure your generator can run your a/c. This is where generator wattage comes into place. Typically, 2,000 watt generators will not be large enough to run your a/c. A 3000+ watt generator is required to take on this task.

A-iPower 2,00022” x 13” x 20”46 Pounds9 Hours????4.5 StarsParallel Capable
30 Amp Outlet
2 Year Warranty
Champion 2,00018.9” x 16.5” x 22.4”48.5 Pounds9.5 Hours????????4 Stars3 Year Warranty
2 20 amp outlets
Parallel Capable
Yamaha 2,00019.3” x 11” x 17.9”45 Pounds10.5 Hours????????????4.5 Stars2 120v Outlets
3 Year Warranty
Parallel Capable
Champion 3,40025.1” x 17.3” x 18.3”99 Pounds7.5 Hours????????4.5 StarsDual Fuel Compatible
Electric Start
Remote Start
30 Amp RV Outlet
3 Year Warranty
Yamaha 3,00027” x18” x 22”136 Pounds19 Hours????????????4 Stars30 Amp Outlet
3 Year Warranty
Honda 3,00025.9” x 17.6” x 22”144 Pounds7.1 Hours????????????4 Stars30 Amp Outlet
3 Year Warranty

Top 6 Travel Trailer Inverter Generator Reviews

2,000 Watt Generators

A-iPower 2000

We personally have an A-iPower 2,000 watt generator. We purchased this unit as we were about to head out on a camping trip, and the weather turned colder than expected and we needed a generator to keep our batteries charged at night. Luckly we were able to find this locally on our way to the destination. Upon unboxing, the generator looks to be put together very well for the cost. It comes with some tools, oil, and adapters. We added oil and it fired up quickly.

This little generator puts out a lot of power and is able to run our charger, microwave, hot water heater, hair dryer, etc when we are on the road. (not all at the same time) We have not tried to run our a/c, but we have heard sometimes a 2,000 watt unit is able to run an a/c unit. I don’t plan on trying to run the a/c either as we don’t want to damage anything.

We have read that this unit is a clone or has parts from other more popular models as why we bought it and it was available locally where we were in need of one. This unit has served us wonderfully since we have owned it and has been reliable.


  • Less Expensive
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • 30 Amp RV outlet with included adapter
  • Parallel Capable


  • Non Name Brand (but does this make a difference?)
  • 1 year less of warranty
  • Louder than others

What We Like

We like this generator as it is a more budget friendly option. We personally own this unit and have used it without problem for over a year. This generator is lightweight and small enough to fit in a compartment in the basement or in the back of your truck under a hard cover.

Who This Generator Is For

This generator is for someone who does not need to run their a/c, and wants a lightweight unit to lift in and out of their trailer or the back of their truck. This unit is more cost effective than others, but may be a bit louder than other brands of this size.

Champion 2,000 Watt

The Champion 2,000 watt is designed a bit different from the other two under the 2,000 watt section. This is designed as if there is a support cage around it providing additional protection in case of drops or rolling around in the back of a pickup. This generator is the heaviest out of the three 2,000 watt generators on our list. Along with being the heaviest, this unit is also the largest out of the three.


  • Parallel Capable
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 2 20 amp outlets
  • Cost effective
  • Stackable


  • No 30 Amp outlet
  • Heaviest
  • Largest

What We Like

This unit is the only stackable unit out of the three top 2,000 watt generators. This feature is huge if you are buying two to parallel them to power your air conditioner. This will take up less footprint than two of the other units. We like Champions longer warranty on the unit and the accessories it comes with. Even though this is listed as the heaviest and largest, it is only heaver by 3.5 pounds from the lightest unit.

Who This Generator Is For

This generator is for any RV user who wants to parallel their generators as this provides a very stable platform. This unit also appears to be more rugged due to the “cage” built around it. We see a more avid outdoor user where this will be bumping around in the back of a pickup using this unit.

Yamaha 2000 Watt

The Yamaha 2,000 watt generator is one of the top models as well as the Honda 2,000 watt. Both are very well sought out as top performers. We like the Yamaha as we have had experience with Yamaha in the past, and the Yamaha is a bit cheaper than the Honda 2,000 with about the same features.


  • Lightest 2,000 watt generator out of all 3
  • Quietest Generator on our list
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Longest Runtime out of all 3 2,000 watt generators
  • Parallel Capable
  • Smallest


  • Does not come with 30 amp rv outlet

What We Like

We like the fact that this is backed by Yamaha’s warranty and dealer service network. Yamaha has done a great job keeping this unit quiet and efficient. This generator has many users and has good reliability reviews to back this.

Who This Generator Is For

This generator is for the avid RV user who wants a reliable name brand piece of equipment with the warranty and support to back it up. Yamaha provides a wonder service network of dealers around the country. This generator is the lightest on our list to make lugging it around a breeze. This generator won’t be running an a/c or multiple high draw devices at once.

3,000+ Watt Generators

Champion 3400 watt Dual Fuel

The Champion 3,400 watt dual fuel generator is by far our favorite generator. This includes electric and remote start allowing you to start from the comfort of your RV in the morning to make your cup of joe. We also like the fact that you can power this with propane so you don’t need to lug gasoline around in your truck or suv. This is perfect if you have a quick connect gas line on your travel trailer to hook it up and go on propane.


  • Runs on Propane
  • Electric Start
  • Cost effective
  • Remote Start
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support


  • May be louder than competitors
  • More electronic items to break

What We Like

We like the fact that this unit can run on dual fuel and has remote start. This may lead to problems down the road with electronics going out or replacing your battery in your generator, but from our experience, we have not heard about any of these problems. With the 3 year warranty, you can sleep easy knowing you are covered for the first 3 years.

Who This Generator Is For

This generator is for anyone who wants to upgrade to a 3,000+ watt generator for about the same price as a nice 2,000 watt generator. This may not fit into the basement compartment of an RV, but will fit nicely under the tonneau cover in your pickup. This generator has wheels and a nice handle system to make maneuvering this easy as it comes in at around 100 pounds.

Honda 3,000 Watt Generator

The Honda 3,000 watt generator comes backed with all of the R&D and reliability from Honda. This specific model comes with electric start so you do not have to do the backbreaking job of pull starting a large generator. Honda has also included a 30 amp outlet on this unit to connect directly to your travel trailer with the locking connector. Along with the 30 amp outlet, there are an additional two 20 amp outlets for other accessories.


  • Honda Reliability
  • 30 Amp Connector
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Built with metal round carrying bars
  • Electric Start


  • No Wheels
  • Heavy at 144 pounds

What We Like

We like the fact that this unit is built with quality in mind. Lots of parts are metal including the carrying handles. Other generators have hard plastic. This unit is built with reliability in mind and is backed by a 3 year warranty. Honda’s service network is large with many dealers carrying Honda products.

Who This Generator Is For

This generator is for the user who wants a durable reliable unit that will last a long length of time. There are many metal parts on this unit, thus the heavier weight. Honda has not included any wheels on this unit, so if you cannot lift and move 144 pounds, you may need to look in another direction. There are wheel kits that can be purchased that give you excellent maneuverability if you would like. This unit looks to be the sturdiest out of all on this list.

Yamaha 3,000 Watt Generator

The Yamaha 3,000 watt generator has the longest runtime at 19 hours on the list. This unit has four wheels with locking casters. Yamaha has included a 30 amp outlet as well as two 20 amp outlets for convenience. The Yamaha is one of the quietest listed on this list and comes with a 3 year warranty backed by Yamaha’s service network of nationwide dealers. This unit is lighter than the Honda at 136 pounds, but not anywhere near the Champion at 99 pounds. Yamaha looks to have used metal as well as plastic surrounds creating a very robust generator platform.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 4 Wheels
  • Huge Runtime
  • 30 Amp Connector


  • No Electric Start
  • No Remote Start
  • Heavier than the Champion

What We Like

We like the fact that Yamaha is a reputable brand with service centers around the country. Yamaha has produced a solid generator and has added wheels for ease of movement.

Who This Generator Is For

This generator is for the RV user who would like to use their air conditioner as well as run other items on their unit. Yamaha has done a great job at creating a good size that will fit in many spaces. A user who wants a reliable unit that can be fixed locally if out and about on a road trip will benefit the most from this generator as there are less parts to go wrong due to no remote or electric start.

Generator Question Guide

What is a Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is basically the same as a non inverter generator. They are both gasoline engines that run an alternator to provide electrical current. The difference with an inverter generator is it uses capacitors and a rectifier to smooth out power to provide cleaner electricity. No electricity is purely clean, so it is always recommended to use a surge protector no matter what you are connected to.

Do I need an Inverter Generator?

Yes, you will need an inverter generator if you are looking to power your RV. Typically inverter generators are quieter than non inverter to not disturb neighbors as well as many campgrounds ban loud generators. Along with being quiet, an inverter generator provides cleaner power than a non inverter generator. The electrical system in your travel trailer is fragile and requires clean power.

What size Generator do I need?

The size of generator that you will need depends on how many items you plan to run off of it. If you want to run your air conditioner, you can rule out the use of a 2,000 watt generator unless you buy two and run in parallel. Even if you have a 3,000+ watt generator, you may not be able to run your air conditioner based on what other items are being ran in your travel trailer.

A 2,000 watt generator can run most items in your trailer, even at the same time. You will find that you cannot run two high power devices at the same time such as a microwave and a hairdryer, or a electric hot water heater. Depending on your microwave, the unit may draw 1,100 watts, and if you have a 1,500 watt hair dryer, you are over your wattage. Even running a 1,100 watt microwave may be a task for a 2,000 watt generator as when your generator is running it is charging your batteries, running your lights, your heater, and other items. You may find that items within your trailer may need to be turned off when running high power devices such as a hairdryer, water heater, or microwave on a 2,000 watt generator.

For basic living when not running high draw devices, a 2,000 watt generator is perfect as it can keep your batteries charged and run all other devices without taxing the load.

A 3,000+ watt generator will allow you to run more devices at the same time without worrying about an overload. The only downside is that these generators typically use more fuel, and hare about twice or three times as heavy as the 2,000 watt generators. Always think about where you will be storing your generator when traveling. We store ours in our front compartment, where a larger unit may not fit. If you have the bed of your truck empty, that is a good spot for a generator to live as it is out of the way and you can run it from within your bed so you don’t have to lift 100+ pounds down on the ground.

A 2,000 watt generator is typically smaller than a 3,000 watt. Along with being smaller, they hold less gas as they are more efficient. With being smaller and holding less gas, this will be lighter, require less storage space, and require less gas trucked around in your tow vehicle to power your generator.

Can I run my air conditioner off of a generator?

Yes, a 3,000+ watt generator generally will run your air conditioner if there is not much else drawing power. If you are running your a/c, you probably will not be able to run a microwave, hair dryer, or hot water tank electric heater. As you may have found out by now, when on generator power you will have to do the jumble of knowing what takes power and switching items on and off as to not overload your generator unit. If you do overload your generator, it will require a restart, or just a push button circuit breaker to reset.

Running Generators in Parallel

If you have a 2,000 watt generator, chances are that you can buy another and run in parallel in order to provide 4,000 watts to your trailer to power air conditioning or other items at once. Larger 3,000+ watt generators can also be ran in parallel to provide power for a 50 amp trailer. In our case, we would rather buy one larger generator as to not have to care for and store two, but if someone cannot lift 100-150 pounds, their only option would be to buy two 50 pound 2,000 watt generators as they are easier to handle. Many generators can be paralleled with other brands, so check out this option before you buy two different brands to make sure they are compatible. We like the Champions 2,000 watt model for running in parallel as they can stack.


No matter what generator you buy, you will be happy with the ability to have power while away from plugins. Most people don’t run generators 24/7 and only need them to provide a charge or run a specific device for a few minutes such as coffee maker, microwave or tv. Runtime may not matter as much as you just fill the tank up with more gas and you are set. Usually we carry around a 5 gallon tank about half full to provide our generator with the necessary fuel and that amount can last us several days running about 4 hours per day.

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