Can a Toy Hauler Carry a Jet Ski?

Looking to combine your camping trip with a water sport adventure? Consider purchasing a toy hauler. Toy haulers can carry jet skis, ate’s, side by sides, and many other toys depending on size and weight. They are also versatile and have great cargo options!

Can a toy hauler carry a jet ski? Yes, toy haulers can carry a jet ski. Most toy haulers have a maximum weight limit of 2,500 pound carrying capacity. Jet ski weights range from 300-1,200 and trailers weigh from 180-600 pounds. Many toy haulers can carry two jet skis depending on the width of the opening. A simple dolly or winch can help unload your ski from the ramp.

Toy haulers are a type of RV with a ramp door and space for cargo in the back. Toy haulers may also have normal RV amenities (such as living quarters and restrooms) in the first half of the vehicle. Their purpose is to work both as a living space, and a mode of transport for “toys” such as ATVs, motorcycles, small cars, golf carts, jet skis, dirt bikes, and more. 

In addition to their versatility, toy haulers offer covered protection for your toys, as compared to an open trailer, and the cargo area can be converted to additional living space or a patio once you’re in camp. They really do it all!

Tip: Jet skis are also known as “sea-doos” or pwc (personal watercrafts).

Tow It

Many toy haulers will come with a hitch, especially if they are a 5th wheel. In some states it is legal to tow two trailers. One option is to tow your trailer behind your trailer. If you are crossing states where it is illegal, you will get a ticket, so make sure to do your research beforehand.

Is weight an issue?

Weight can definitely be an issue when loading a toy hauler with a jet ski. Before purchasing or loading a jet ski in your toy hauler, make sure you consider the length, width, and weight of the jet ski and trailer, and well as the size and weight capacity of your toy hauler. 

The average jet ski weighs around 500-1000 pounds. For more information on the weight of many different jet skis, consult this guide. You also have to take into account the weight of fuel for the jet ski. Meanwhile, the average toy hauler can carry around 2,500 pounds. This includes food, supplies, and any additional gear within the trailer (both for cargo and for living!). Here is a general guide to calculating weight and towing capacities. 

Length and width is another issue. Most toy haulers are around 7’ to 8’ (interior) wide, while length can vary greatly by model. Jet skis are around 2.5’ wide and 8’ long. However, there are models of jet skis (including multiple seat jet skis) that are much larger. The tongue of your trailer can be one of the harder items to fit as they are typically long. Some watercraft trailers can have a swing away tongue, or you can use a wheeled dolly and have no tongue.

Tip: You also need to figure out the weight capacity of the vehicle that will be towing the toy hauler! Don’t get stuck with a toy hauler that can carry your jet ski, but is too heavy to be towed by your truck once everything is loaded. 

How do you load a jet ski in a toy hauler?


You can use a portable winch, such as this one, to load your jet ski into your toy hauler. An electric winch is preferable, but hand winches are also available. You can also mount a winch such as this one. Secure your winch inside your toy hauler. Use you towing vehicle or a jet ski dolly to back your jet ski up to the toy hauler ramp and unhitch it (if you’re using a towing vehicle). Attach the winch to the jet ski and slowly wind it up. 

Towing Vehicle

If your ramp angle isn’t too steep, you can also use your towing vehicle to back the jet ski directly into your toy hauler. Once your jet ski is inside, unhitch and drive your towing vehicle back out to attach to your toy hauler.


ATVs can also be used to load your jet ski. Hitch the jet ski to your ATV and back it into the toy hauler. Unhitch and drive the ATV out (as long as there’s room to maneuver!). 

By Hand

One final option is to load your jet ski by hand. If you have a light jet ski and/or a few friends to help you, this might be the quickest and easiest option, but isn’t great for the solo camper unless you have a small stand up. 

Tip: Make sure you secure your jet ski once it’s in your toy hauler. You can use a jet ski stand and/or straps to prevent movement during transportation. Here is an RV and toy hauler tie down kit, which is useful for this purpose. This is an important step regardless of what kind of “toys” you put in your trailer!

How to launch a jet ski from a toy hauler?

Tow Vehicle

When you’re ready to launch your jet ski, you can park toy your toy hauler and use a tow vehicle to launch. Lower your ramp and back the towing vehicle up to the jet ski. Hitch your jet ski to the vehicle and drive it out of the toy hauler onto the boat ramp. This can also be done with an ATV.


If the boat ramp is not steep back your toy hauler up to the water and you can launch your jet ski with a winch. Reverse the direction of your winch and slowly lower your jet ski down the ramp before disconnecting. 

Beach Cart

A jet ski dolly, such as this one, can be used to unload your jet ski from a toy hauler. However, this option requires some muscle (to move the jet ski onto the dolly, and to carefully guide it down the ramp). There are also hitches available so you can tow these with any vehicle with a ball mount to make launching easier.

By Hand

Similarly to loading, you can also unload your jet ski by hand. Don’t attempt this alone or if you have a bad back!

Make Some Waves

A toy hauler is a great multipurpose vehicle. The ability to carry a jet ski makes this type of RV an ideal choice for those who love watersports. Double check weight, length, width, and towing capacity before taking the plunge. Also, practice makes perfect when it comes to loading and launching your jet ski! 

Ready to purchase a toy hauler? Check out this luxury model from Lance,this fifth wheel toy hauler from Dutchmen, or a compact model from Forest River. Happy camping and smooth sailing!

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