Our favorite 5th wheels with Bunkbeds for your Family

5th wheels are great RV options with extra space, storage, stability, and maneuverability. It’s important to choose your trailer wisely, since its a major and expensive long-term investment. We’ve compiled a list of the top five 5th wheels with bunkbeds, to give you maximum sleeping and floor space (especially with kids!).

The 5th wheels on our list can be used for weekend trips, longer getaways, or even full-time RVing! These options offer you the best and most comfortable features for the price, and include the Winnebago 29MBH (Minnie Plus), Flagstaff (Super Lite) 529BH, Keystone Montana 3854BR, Keystone Cougar 364BHL, and Coachman Chaparral 373MBRB.

All About 5th Wheels

This list only includes 5th wheel trailers- a type of recreational vehicle (RV) with an overhang that attaches to a pickup truck or similar towing vehicle. This provides a unique stacked bi-level layout, and easier maneuverability for towing, particularly due to the shape of the hitch.

5th wheel hitches are actually safer and more fuel-efficient (as opposed to a diesel motorized RV) than other types of RVs. The other advantage is that, because 5th wheels are towed partially on top of a truck, this makes the overall length shorter. So you don’t have to worry about length restrictions when you’re on the road or in a campground! 5th wheels also usually have more underneath storage than other types of RVs.

On the flipside, 5th wheels tend to be heavier than other types of trailers, and the unique shape (and weight) requires you to use certain types of towing vehicles. You’ll need at the minimum, a half-ton truck or a higher weight capacity vehicle for all the 5th wheels on this list. Another disadvantage of 5th wheels, is that you won’t be able to utilize your truck bed when towing your RV. In addition, have full access to the inside of your trailer while in transport, and 5th wheels have a tendency to tow better than a bumper pull travel trailer when being transported.

The average cost of a 5th wheel is around $35,000, however, the options listed below include extra beds and luxury features, so the price ranges are higher. However, all 5th wheels that we discuss range from $40,000 to $90,000. In addition, all options here have powered slide outs- sides that expand when you set up camp. These are similar to pop-outs but sturdier and can be deployed with the flip of a switch. Slide outs allow for additional space without adding additional length or width to a trailer. They do however usually add from 400-1,000 pounds per slide, and even more if you have a super slide.

All of these 5th wheels have options for add ons and specialty packages, and all are suitable for big families or larger groups of campers. Most of these 5th wheels are also prepped for additional features such as rear cameras, second air conditioning units, washer/dryers, and/or solar panels. Some have different exterior paint and interior furnishing options, and four seasons camping upgrades (a good idea if you’re a full-timer!).

Please note, the prices listed are for the most recent (newest models) manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), which is a base price not including fees, title, etc. You can definitely find cheaper options if you pick a model that is a couple years old or used. For tips, see our article on how to shop for a travel trailer and get the best deal (these tips can be applied to 5th wheels!).

Now we’ll dive into the details of each of these great 5th wheels!

Winnebago 29MBH (Minnie Plus)

Best 5th wheel for the average camping family

The Winnebago 29MBH (Minnie Plus) is a spacious and luxurious option, but also the least expensive 5th wheel on our list. With four power slide outs, the Minnie Plus includes two bedrooms (one of which is a bunkhouse), multiple storage spaces, the option for two TVs, and an entertainment center. In addition, it contains a decent sized kitchen (and long countertops!) with space for a full fridge/freezer, and plenty of dining and couch space. The bathroom is large, and includes a full surround shower. The Minnie Plus can sleep six, and is truly a great choice for a family that wants a top of the line camping experience.

This 5th wheel is light enough to be towed by a beefy half ton-truck (9,700 lbs dry weight), but should be towed by something larger, and measures in at 33’ 9” L X 12’ 7” H. This is the smallest (in terms of dimensions) and second lightest 5th wheel option on our list. Despite its “smaller” size, the Minnie Plus includes decent tank capacities (50 gal. freshwater, 41 gal. blackwater, and 82 gal. graywater) with heated and enclosed tanks and underbelly.

In addition, The Minnie Plus has a good furnace at 30,000 BTUs, and better than average air conditioning unit at 15,000 BTU roof air. It also has a 10 gal. water heater, which is larger than some of the other 5th wheel options on this list. The Minnie Plus utilizes modern construction, with a steel and aluminum frame, fiberglass siding, and a durable rubber TPO roof. It is built with an NXG engineered chassis and aluminum wheel assemblies. This model is available in several exterior colors in high gloss (a plus to really stand out).

The Minnie Plus has a 17’ power awning (which contains LED lights), perfect for sitting outside in the daylight or nighttime. The base model includes many other attractive exterior features such as outdoor speakers and a roof ladder. This 5th wheel also includes a skylight, LED lights (interior), USB charging ports, theatre seating, a microwave, and three burner range with oven. Notably, the Minnie Plus has a free-standing dinette, which is not a standard feature in most 5th wheels.

The Winnebago 29MBH (Minnie Plus) is reasonably priced, starting at $43,094. This price doesn’t include optional features such as additional TVs, a residential fridge/freezer, fireplace, table, additional air conditioning unit, and several other furniture pieces. You will also have to add an extreme weather package and possibly dual pane windows if you want this 5th wheel to be four seasons capable. Winnebago does include a three-year structural warranty.

The Minnie Plus is not as spacious or luxurious as some models, but it has many key features and ample sleeping space. In addition, the dining space and large kitchen countertops are sure to please. This is the lowest priced option on our list, and one of the lightest. This reasonably priced “home away from home” is a great option for the average 5th wheel camping family.


  • Lots of space and storage, triple wardrobes
  • Large kitchen and dining space with free standing dinette and peninsula
  • Lots of USB charging ports
  • Relatively light
  • Option for four seasons capability
  • Many exterior color options


  • Many features have to be added on at additional costs
  • Sleeps less people (six) than other models
  • Only one bathroom
  • Smaller fresh/black/graywater tank capacities (compared to other options)

Flagstaff (Super Lite) 529BH

Best 5th wheel for weight and versatility

The Flagstaff (Super Lite) 529BH is a large 5th wheel that can fit both family and friends, with two power slide outs, indoor and outdoor kitchens, and sleeping for nine people! This model is a luxury option that includes a spacious bathroom and ample interior and exterior storage. While the kitchen/living space may be smaller than other models, this 5th wheel has a large dinette, and the option of a free standing dinette. The Super Lite has two private bedrooms, including one bunkhouse, and various storage compartments. The bunkhouse even contains a triple bunk!

This Super Lite is the lightest option on our list, weighing 8,000 lbs (dry weight). This makes it capable of being towed by a half ton truck, but again, we recommend something larger. The Super Lite measures in at 36’ L X 13’1” H. Its tank capacities include 60 gal. freshwater, 40 gal. blackwater, and 80 gal. graywater. The hot water tank is slightly smaller than some other models, at 6 gal. It also includes an enclosed and heated underbelly and heated tanks.

The furnace is powerful at 35,000 BTUs, and the air conditioner is 13,500 BTUs, which is about average. This model is made of aluminum framing, fiberglass siding, and a vinyl rubber composite roof. The Super Lite has a torsion axle with rubber-ryde suspension, and comes with polished alloy wheels. This model is available in two exterior colors and two interior decor schemes. 

The Super Lite has a large power awning (21’) with LED lights, outside speakers, and a rear ladder. It also includes a microwave, upgraded gas oven, three burner range, large refrigerator, LED lights, and the option for theatre seating. In addition, there’s the option for a fireplace. This model has vaulted ceilings and a large picture window, giving the interior a spacious feel. The convenient outdoor kitchen is a great bonus feature.

The Flagstaff Super Lite 529BH starts at $46,987, which includes most features. Forest River (the manufacturer) offers a two year bumper to bumper warranty, and additional warranties depending on features. The Super Lite really is one of the lightest 5th wheel options available, which will give you greater flexibility in towing vehicle as well as storage capacity.

This model is a great value for the price, and is the most versatile option on our list! While slightly pricer than the Minnie Plus, the Super Lite comes with more features and fits more people. Its lightweight luxury makes the Super Lite an excellent choice.


  • Sleeps nine! Includes a bunkhouse with a triple bunk
  • Many storage compartments
  • Lighter at 8,900 lbs (dry weight)
  • Outdoor kitchen (in addition to indoor)
  • Large awning (21’’)
  • Base model includes most features


  • Smaller living/dining space (in comparison to other models)
  • Only one bathroom

Keystone Montana 3854BR

Best 5th wheel for luxurious living

The Keystone Montana 3854BR is a luxurious 5th wheel that may have a larger kitchen than your house! In addition to kitchen space, it boasts a kitchen island and outdoor kitchen, large awning, and great four seasons add on options. The Montana has five slide outs and sleeps six, and includes ample storage space. The primary bedroom comes with a queen bed but has room for a king, and has lots of storage underneath. The second private bedroom can also double as an office (with a desk), and has a loft area on top- a really great layout feature which can be used for sleeping or a playroom for little kids.

The Montana weighs in at 13,576 lbs (dry weight), which makes it one of the heavier 5th wheel models available. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tow the Montana with a half-ton truck. It’s also a longer option at 40’ 10” L X 13’ 4” H, which may hamper maneuverability, or could be an issue with campsite space.

The Montana has good tank capacities- 66 gal. freshwater, 49 gal. blackwater, and 88 gal. graywater. This 5th wheel has better than average utilities including a 30,000 BTU air conditioner and 12 gal. hot water tank capacity. This model includes a 35,000 BTU furnace and heated and enclosed underbelly (and pipes/water lines). The Montana is composed of aluminum framing with fiberglass sidewall and a TPO roof. This model is equipped with Road Armor suspension and aluminum wheels. The Montana is available in three exterior colors and two interior decor schemes.

This 5th wheel has a 10’ and 19’ electric awnings and marine quality exterior speakers. This model includes theatre seating (including heated massage chairs!), LED lights, a seamless shower, skylight (with Four Seasons Living Package), USB ports, a microwave oven, refrigerator, special Chef Collection cooktop (with Residential Living Package) and free standing dinette (with fixed and folding chairs).

The Keystone Montana 3854BR  is the most expensive model on this list, at $89,109 MSRP. Keystone has a three year structural warranty and a one year base warranty. The price reflects the luxury items and over the top amenities, especially for those who like to cook and utilize their dining and living spaces!

Unfortunately, despite its cost, this model does not have an extra bathroom, but sleeps eight people, so bathroom time may have a waiting list. In addition, it’s heavier and longer than the competition giving you more living space. Despite these drawbacks it may have, the Montana is a great choice for luxury or full-time campers, and/or those who are interested in four seasons camping (with the four seasons package). It’s definitely the most luxurious option on the list in terms of quality and comfort.


  • Large kitchen space, kitchen island, and outdoor kitchen
  • Lots of storage space
  • Office area
  • Great utility features (35,000 BTU furnace, 30,000 BTU air conditioner, 12 gal. hot water tank)
  • Two awnings
  • Four seasons and residential living add on packages available
  • Loft area above bonus room
  • Sleeps up to eight


  • Expensive at $89,109
  • Heavy at 13,576 lbs dry weight, and long 40’ 10”, can’t be towed by a half-ton truck
  • Only one bathroom

Keystone Cougar 364BHL

Best 5th wheel for full-timers and four seasons travelers

The Keystone Cougar 364BHL is a mid-range 5th wheel that features three slide outs, a bunkhouse, and a kitchen island. The bunkhouse has two large beds, and both bedrooms (master and bunk) have lots of cabinets and storage space. This model also has one and a half baths, an indoor entertainment center with optional add ons, and an outdoor kitchen. Impressively, the Cougar can sleep 10! This is a great choice for those camping with family and friends.

This 5th wheel is reasonable sized at 39’ 3” L X 13’ 5” H. However, the Cougar is heavy (although not the heaviest of the 5th wheels on our list), weighing in at 11,225 lbs (dry weight). This makes the Cougar just too heavy to be towed by a half ton truck. The Cougar has impressive tank capacities- the freshwater tank can hold 81 gal., the blackwater tank holds 76 gal., and graywater tank holds 76 gal. However, the Cougar only has a 6 gal. hot water heater.

This model does include robust utilities, with a 35,000 BTU furnace and a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. The holding tanks are heated, and the underbelly is heated and enclosed. This 5th wheel is composed of fiberglass siding and a TPO roof, and includes Road Armor Suspension, Road Armor Pin Box, and aluminum wheels. There are two interior decor options.

The Cougar has two 12’ power awnings (with LED lights), outdoor speakers, and a roof ladder. Features also include a microwave, full-size refrigerator, oven, and three burner stove, TV, fireplace, lots of USB ports, optional theatre seating, and an optional free standing dinette. There’s a backdoor leading into the half bath and bunkhouse, which is a really convenient and clever layout feature!

The Keystone Cougar 364BHL is reasonably priced at $60,384, and is a great value for cost. Keystone provides a 3 year structural warranty. The Cougar can definitely be used for full-timing, and the four seasons package will provide comfort in any climate.

The extra bathroom and two door entry are key features that provide superior living arrangements to other 5th wheel options. This is the best option to fit the most people, while still providing some privacy. In addition, The Cougar is a good choice for full-timers who want some extra space. Unfortunately, the weight of the Cougar can be a drawback depending on your tow vehicle, and it’s definitely not the cheapest of the 5th wheel options.


  • Kitchen island
  • Sleeps 10! Includes a bunkhouse (with large beds)
  • One and a half bath
  • Large fresh/black/graywater tank capacities
  • Two door entry
  • Two awnings
  • Four seasons package available


  • Heavy at 11,225 lbs (dry weight), can’t be towed with a half-ton truck
  • Many add ons/options available but not standard

Coachman Chaparral 373 MBRB

Best 5th wheel for extended families and friends (and privacy!)

The Coachman Chaparral 373MBRB is a great 5th wheel option for families or friends that prefer having some private space and extra bathroom facilities. This model sleeps eight and includes three private bedrooms, two full baths, and dual zone thermostat control. The master bedroom includes a lot of closet/wardrobe space, however the trade off is that the bedroom itself is cramped. One of the other bedrooms is a bunkhouse, and the third bedroom is convertible. In addition, the five slide outs provide plenty of kitchen and living space.

The Chaparral is large at 41’ 9”  L X 12’ 6” H and with a dry weight of 13,031 lbs. This is the longest of the models on our list, and one of the heaviest. Due to its weight this 5th wheel will need a three quarter or one ton truck to pull it. The Chaparral includes decent tank capacities, with an exceptional graywater tank. It has a 48 gal. freshwater tank, 75 gal. blackwater tank, and 120 gal. graywater tank, as well as a 10 gal. water heater.

The underbelly is heated, insulated, and enclosed, and so are the gate valves. You’ll stay warm with a 31,000 BTU furnace and an optional fireplace (5,200 BTU), and the air conditioner is 15,000 BTU.  This 5th wheel is made of fiberglass and composite sidewall and a TPO rubber roof, and includes a UV protectant exterior coating. This model comes with Road Armor Suspension by Trail Air with heavy duty shackles and wet bolts, and aluminum rimmed tires. 

The 17’ electric awning includes LED lights and the exterior marine speakers provide great sound and entertainment. The Chaparral also has a roof ladder, skylight, deluxe interior entertainment center, theatre seating, LED lights, free standing dinette, a mid-size refrigerator, microwave, and residential three burner cooktop. The large windows in the living space provide light and cross breezes, allowing you to enjoy your camping experience even from the couch. The outside kitchen/entertainment area is larger than most models, and has optional add on features, such as another TV.

The Coachman Chaparral 373MBRB starts at $76,279 and warranties are included for various components (i.e. 12 year for roof, 3 year for vinyl flooring). Many add on features and upgrades are available for this model, particularly for kitchen appliances and entertainment systems.

The Chaparral is the best 5th wheel option for campers who enjoy having private extra space, albeit at a cost. It’s also a good choice if you want a spacious living room feel- with a decent sized kitchen and large entertainment features. This model is definitely worth the cost if you plan to spend extended periods of time in your 5th wheel, especially with family members and friends!


  • TWO complete bathrooms
  • Three private bedrooms including a bunkhouse
  • Double entry doors
  • Deluxe entertainment center (indoor and outdoor)
  • Large windows


  • Heavy at 13,031 lbs, need special towing vehicle
  • Master bedroom is cramped
  • Long at 41’ 9”

Finding Your 5th Wheel

A 5th wheel is a great, functional, and comfortable RV that can be used for a variety of purposes and will last you years. Purchasing a 5th wheel is a major investment that requires careful planning and research. Make sure to pay attention to the details, and pick the package and/or features that are right for your family.

When deciding on your model, one of the most important factors to consider includes weight/ towing capacity (how much can your vehicle tow? Are you willing to invest in another vehicle in order to tow your 5th wheel?). You also need to consider price, and how many people will be staying in your trailer. An extra bathroom may be needed for larger groups and/or longer trips. Bunks are an excellent feature to fit people in your 5th wheel (especially kids!).

It’s also worth investing in more luxurious, spacious, and better-featured models if you’re going to be full-timing or camping during harsher months (think four seasons packages!). In these situations, weight might not be a concern, since you will be staying docked in one place for extended periods. For the average camper (non-full time) a more versatile and smaller/less heavy option might be best and most cost-efficient.

The top five 5th wheels listed above are great options that include bunks and many amenities for RVing life. The Winnebago 29MBH (Minnie Plus), Flagstaff (Super Lite) 529BH, Keystone Montana 3854BR, Keystone Cougar 364BHL, Coachman Chaparral 373MBRB are all models can fit the most people while maximizing floor space, and are great for those traveling with kids. They include creative layouts and durable materials, that should provide you with years of camping experiences.

If you want a different type of durable and comfortable RV, you can also check out a four seasons travel trailer or a destination trailer with bunks/lofts.

Adventure awaits in your new 5th wheel home!

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