How to sell my travel trailer? Plus Tips to get more out of it

After a good run of adventures on the road, you may decide to sell your travel trailer. Whether you are looking to upgrade or simply do not use your RV enough, there are a few important steps to take before getting your vehicle into the hands of a new owner. You may be wondering how to get started, and the steps to take to get the best price for your vehicle.

How to sell a travel trailer? To sell a travel trailer, you will first have to prepare your vehicle for sale. This process involves cleaning, detailing, and repairing any damage, among other important steps. Next, you will want to learn the value of your trailer and put it on the market. Finally, you’ll want list and sell the vehicle to get it into the hands of its new owner!

Each of these steps has important details to keep in mind to make sure your trailer sale is successful. Below we will cover these details and more to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible. Keep reading to prepare yourself for selling your travel trailer, and learn everything you need to know before getting started!

Steps to Prepare Your Travel Trailer for Sale:

Preparing your trailer for sale is the first big step you’ll take before putting the vehicle on the market. Taking a few important steps can save you a headache later on, and ensure you get the most money for your travel trailer. Here is everything you’ll need to do to ensure your vehicle is prepped and ready for sale:

  • Clean your items out of the Travel Trailer: The first step is to remove all of your belongings from the trailer. You will want to separate things you want to keep from the items that will come with the trailer when it sells. This will also help make the cleaning process as painless as possible.
  • Deep clean the interior: The condition of your RV’s interior will make a huge difference to potential buyers. Removing dirt, odors, and any other distractions will help them visualize their future adventures in your vehicle. Deep cleaning the upholstery, floors, carpets, walls, and appliances will make a big difference when people view pictures and come see the vehicle in person.
  • Wash, wax, and detail the exterior: As with the interior, the exterior of your vehicle should be in excellent condition before going to market. You may want to have the vehicle professionally washed, waxed, and detailed so that it shines like the day you bought it.
  • Fix all damage to your trailer: Any damage to your trailer will stand out to potential buyers and potentially knock down the amount they are willing to pay. You won’t want a small amount of damage to deter buyers from considering your vehicle. Fix any damage, big or small, so that dings, scratches, and other defects will not impact your selling experience.
  • Find all service records and original paperwork: Any original paperwork you have for your trailer will go a long way with potential buyers. As you know, trailers come with many accessories and appliances. Having all user manuals will help buyers feel confident when making the decision to purchase your vehicle.
  • Aside from the user manuals, it will help to provide a clean title, a summary of all past maintenance costs, and a log of the miles you towed the trailer if possible. Buyers will also want to know the fuel economy and any potential future maintenance they will need to pay for.

Find Out the Value for Your Travel Trailer:

Next, you’ll want to calculate the current value of your travel trailer to make sure you set the best price for your vehicle. While each vehicle has different milage, maintenance requirements, and appliances, you can learn a lot about pricing by doing a bit of research online. There are several resources you can use to get an accurate estimate of the value of your travel trailer. Below are a few of the tools you will want to try:

  • NADAguides: This website is a resource you can use to research the latest prices for new and used vehicles. Check out their listed prices and specs to calculate the value of your vehicle before taking it to market.
  • RVT Price Checker: This is another website you can use to research the value of your vehicle. You can use RVT’s price checker tool to get an accurate market value for your travel trailer.
  • Other online resources: You can find out what your travel trailer model is currently selling for by browsing listings that other sellers have put online. Use websites like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or to find listings similar to the vehicle you’d like to sell. Searching these websites can also be a useful way to learn how to craft your own appealing listing on these sites.
  • Important to keep in mind: RV values frequently change depending on a variety of factors. Market value may fluctuate depending on the season that you are selling in. The prices may also vary depending on where you live. Remember to take these variables into account when calculating your trailer’s market value.

Market your RV:

After preparing your vehicle, gathering all necessary paperwork, and conducting some thorough research, you are ready to market your travel trailer! Hopefully, your research gave you some insight on the best places to sell your vehicle, and important elements to include in your listing to sell the vehicle successfully. The most important elements to include in your listing are as follows:

  • Quality photos: Getting high-quality images of the interior and exterior of your vehicle will make a big difference to buyers quickly scanning a page of listings online. Buyers will want to see several angles of the exterior, view details of the interior, and get a clear idea of appliances and storage areas.
  • Clear and friendly text: When creating a title and listing text, be clear and direct about what you are offering. Maintain a friendly tone, like you are having a casual conversation with the buyer in-person.
  • List payment methods: Be clear about which methods you accept for payment. Many sellers these days use apps like Paypal, but you can also list credit card, check, cashiers check, or money orders as well.
  • Reason for selling: Your potential buyers will likely want to know your reason for selling the vehicle. Being upfront about this will help buyers feel confident in reaching out about your listing.
  • Important details: List as many details about the vehicle as possible, including make, model, mileage, measurements, and any other details you think a buyer would want to know. You will also want to list your asking price in your ad. These details will make a big difference in the likelihood of a potential buyer to contact you.

Where to sell your Travel Trailer:

With these factors in mind, here are a few of the best websites to use to market your travel trailer. Decide which methods you would like to use, and get your ad in front of your potential buyers! You may want to post on more than one, or all of the following websites to increase your vehicle’s visibility. Consider the following options for posting a listing online:

  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Online auction sites
  • Online RV forums

In addition to these online resources, you may be interested in considering some more traditional selling options. The more options you give yourself, the higher your chances are of selling for a good price! Here are a few ideas for getting more eyes on your vehicle:

  • Post in local publications such as newspapers, local weekly, etc.
  • Consider consignment at a local dealer.
  • Park your vehicle in a public area with a visible ‘For Sale’ sign.

Once You Have Sold Your Travel Trailer:

After receiving an offer you’d like to accept, you are ready to complete the sale! There are a few important things to keep in mind when finalizing the sale of your travel trailer.

  • Use a bill of sale: When selling your vehicle, make sure to use a bill of sale to finalize the sale and successfully transfer ownership to the new owner. Give a copy to the new owner and keep one for your records to protect yourself from liability.
  • Report the sale: You will want to report the sale of your travel trailer to the department of motor vehicles, as well as the insurance company that covered this vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle, you may be able to transfer this coverage to your new trailer.


While selling your travel trailer is not the most exciting aspect of RV ownership, it can be a rewarding process. Putting in a bit of effort will help you get a price you are satisfied with, and get the RV into the hands of a happy new owner. After following these steps and doing a bit of research, you can rest assured that you are going into the selling process with the information you need to succeed!

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