Top 10 Best Teardrop Trailers on the Market

The teardrop trailer is the most compact, easy to tow camping trailer on the market. But who knew there was such a large section? I have done the research and narrowed down, in my opinion, the 10 top teardrop trailers of 2019. Life is all about choices, which teardrop trailer will you choose?

Little Guy Max by Little Guy Trailers

The best teardrop trailer for a small family is the Little Guy Max made by Little Guy Trailers. They are so spacious for a tiny trailer, so much so, that they include two sleeping areas. This company has maximized every inch of this trailer, inside and out.

Let’s start with the outside of the trailer. The number one feature that sold me was the prewiring for a back-up camera. We are all used to driving and backing up our vehicles. But how often do we drive and back-up a trailer? This enables you to install a back-up camera that can be viewed from your vehicle and makes it easy to park your Little Guy Max. There will be no tree scratches on this trailer!

Another fantastic feature is the outdoor shower. How awesome is that!? You can shower off the dogs or kids before they come inside with their muddy feet. The outdoor shower has a hot and cold temperature feature which is an extra bonus. Also located in the bathroom is a Fantastic fan which is a huge upgrade from travel trailer stock fan.

Right next to the shower is a large storage area that is the width of the trailer. This is a great feature for storing any extras that you don’t need right away. One unexpected feature is the main TV and by the way, the TV is motorized with an electronic lift which hides it at the push of a button. Most trailers have TV’s but in this one, you can watch the TV inside or mount it outside with the preinstalled wiring and bracket.

Also located outside is a 2″ rear receiver which is perfect to use a bike hitch carrier, or a hitch hauler to bring extra wood and items such as a generator.

Now let’s go inside. The climate will stay cool in the summer and warmer in the winter with the built in dual pane insulated windows. Many more expensive trailers do not even have this as an option.

One of the top features on the inside of this trailer is the full, stand-up shower. There is a pebbled glass door concealing a stand-up shower with storage and a marine grade toilet. This makes two shower options within this tiny trailer.

My next favorite feature is the kitchen, which is located inside the trailer and not on the rear of the trailer like their competitors. The kitchen has a deep sink with a full-sized faucet and pull-down sprayer. Beside the sink is a two-burner stovetop and right above the stovetop is the microwave. Across from the kitchen is the spacious refrigerator. It is large enough to store a week’s worth of food. This kitchen has all the amenities needed for cooking.

Lastly, as I said in the beginning, this trailer is perfect for a small family because of the two sleeping areas. There is a comfortable queen-sized mattress in the back of the trailer for the parents and a twin-sized bed in the main living area for a child or guest. The queen-sized bed is stationary while the twin-sized bed converts to the dining table and chairs.

Overall the trailer has 58 cubic feet of storage, it comes with a 2-year warranty and 2-year roadside assistance program, LED lighting, and an interior height of 6’ 7”. The Little Guy Max has all the upgrades and features for a family. Below are some additional specs of the trailer.

Dry Weight3,140 Pounds
GVRW3,950 Pounds
Height9’ 1’’
Tongue Weight330 Pounds
Base PriceAround $29,000

Luna by inTech RV          

The Luna trailer by inTech RV is the perfect trailer for a couple. This small, lightweight trailer can be easily towed behind a car or small SUV. You do not need a large truck to be able to pull this 2,200-pound max trailer. This trailer is ideal for two people because of its compatibility. It can be towed anywhere and fit in any space.

Luna’s interior has two seating areas large enough for four people. Two of the seats are convertible futons. These futons fold out to the full length of the trailer creating a spacious sleeping area for two people. There is also a large window spanning the full width of the trailer. This window is like no other that I have seen. It brings in so much natural light to the interior of the trailer. Great for star gazing!

The trailer comes standard with an 8k BTU air conditioner with an upgradable heat pump option, solar panel prep, and a 2″ receiver on the rear to mount a bike rack or other option. There is also an option for a 40″ TV which would be huge for this small unit.

On the outside of the trailer, there is a large hatch that opens on the rear. This feature hides the full functioning kitchen. There is a tremendous amount of countertop and storage space. This kitchen comes with a three-burner stove, microwave, and stainless-steel sink with a commercial-grade faucet. There is also a pull-out refrigerator with plenty of space for your groceries. Don’t worry about hitting your head while cooking. Once the hatch is open, it stands tall covering the kitchen from the outdoor elements. The hatch also includes several LED lights so you plenty of light while cooking.

Overall, this lightweight trailer is fulling functioning for any camping couple’s needs. This trailer has a 20-pound propane tank on board, as well as a small 8-gallon freshwater tank with city water hook ups. See below additional specs about the trailer.

Dry Weight1,700-1,800 Pounds
GVRW2,200 Pounds
Length15’ 6’’
Height6’ 8’’
Width7’ 10’’
Tongue Weight180-200 Pounds
Base PriceAround $19,000

TerraDrop Alpha by Oregon Trail’R

The TerraDrop Alpha by Oregon Tail’R is the smallest but most durable teardrop trailer for any rugged outdoorsman or woman. This tiny trailer can be taken off-road on any adventurous trail with its all-terrain tires. The exterior has a special coating designed to withstand any outdoor elements. This special coating makes this tiny trailer look like something designed for the military, hence the name of this model.

The back of the trailer hosts an efficient kitchen. The main feature that sets this kitchen apart from others are the three hidden compartments. One of the compartments holds a fold-down two-burner stove-top. I love this feature because when the stove-top is not in use, it can be hidden away and the entire countertop can be used as prep space or your kitchen table. The other two compartments are cabinets for storage, one includes a pull-out drawer. There is also additional deep storage underneath the countertop. I have never seen this before! It’s a great use of space. This expansive storage area is great for your cooking essentials. On the right side of the kitchen counter is a durable sink with a faucet.

The inside of the trailer is small but cozy. The interior is just big enough for two people to sleep comfortably. There are hidden compartments for clothing and camping needs along the walls of the interior.

Overall, this small but mighty trailer can withstand any adventure. It is meant to be used off-road and in the backcountry. See below additional specs about this trailer.

Dry Weight1,200- 1,500 Pounds
GVRWNot Listed
Tongue Weight10-15% of the overall trailer
Base PricingAround $16,000

TAG by nuCamp

TAG by nuCamp is a compact teardrop trailer made for two people. This trailer can easily be towed behind any car or SUV and fits effortlessly in your garage. If you have pulled trailers in the past with a car, you understand that sometimes in rough weather it can be more difficult than if you were pulling a trailer with a truck. NuCamp decided to add electric brakes to the TAG. The electric brakes make it easier to pull this trailer with a car. This is a huge safety feature that sets them apart from other companies.

The premium interior has the look of an expensive RV. They chose a deep ash-wood finish for the numerous cabinets and cubbies. In between two cabinets, there is a 12-volt flat-screen TV with an a/c unit located underneath. The queen-size mattress sleeps two people comfortably. The is a large, curved window to hosts the best view of your camping location. This window can be opened like an awning or covered for privacy. The unit will stay cool while on battery with the preinstalled Fan-Tastic fan.

Finally, on the rear of the trailer is their galley styled kitchen. This kitchen has a modern, rustic feel. The beautiful countertops look like grey and white marble. The backsplash complements the marble with its dark wood finish. There is a large area for food prep beside the two-burner stove and sink. NuCamp has partnered with YETI and each TAG comes with a YETI cooler. This is a fun extra! The YETI is portable, so it can be used elsewhere not just in the trailer. The YETI is located in the kitchen below the countertop. Yes, the YETI does open from the top but no, the countertop does not get in the way because the YETI sits on pull out drawer. The YETI stays cold and is much more efficient compared to a refrigerator because you do not need to use a battery or electricity to use it.

See below some additional specs about the TAG.

Dry Weight1,282 Pounds
GVRW2,200 Pounds
Tongue Weight146 Pounds (Max)
Base PriceAround $18,000

Vistabule Trailers

Vistabule is a custom-built, antique styled teardrop trailer. The Vistabule company only offers one type of trailer but this trailer is completely customizable. All options can be seen on their pricing sheet here. This small, individually owned business builds the trailers to order and they use the best products to build each one.

I absolutely love the pass-through window. This is unique to the Vistabules. They have created a one-of-a-kind window that allows you to open the window between the kitchen and the interior of the trailer. Your spouse can be cooking as you sit comfortably inside the trailer and yet you can still carry on a conversation.

The beautiful light wood interior includes several cut-outs and cubbies for storage along with a fold-out table. The fold-out table is just large enough for your morning coffee or nightly wine to rest. The bed can fold up, as well. It folds into a mini-sofa with access to the additional storage in the floor of the trailer.

The outside rear of the trailer is home to the kitchen. The arched hatch has the option of adding removable side panels to it for complete protection from the outdoor elements. The kitchen has a sink with a faucet, two-burner stove, and a mini-refrigerator. Both the sink and stove come with covers, so that when not in use the entire countertop can be used. There is also a great deal of storage underneath including several pull-out drawers.

I can see why this hand-crafted trailer is loved. See below additional specs.

Weight1,200-1,500 Pounds
GVRWNot Listed
Width6’ 10’’
Tongue Weight130 Pounds
Base PricingAround $17,995

Hutte Hut

The Hutte Hut is perfect for the camping minimalist. The geometric look has the modern camper begging for one. The Hutte Hut is customizable and does come with a hefty price tag considering its minimalist features.

The exterior and interior both display the beautiful Joubert Okume Marine Plywood with Baltic Burch floors and solid Burch wood window casings. The interior is spacious enough for two to sleep comfortably. There is storage on the rear wall of the cabin that spans the width of the trailer. The storage area can also double as a small seat or table.

One feature exclusive to Hutte Hut is the double doors. They open wide displaying the entire interior of the cabin. This feature allows the camper to bring the outdoors in while still having their modern comforts.

Isn’t there something missing? Yes… the kitchen. There is no kitchen with the Hutte Hut. However, there are outlets that will allow you to hook up a microwave and mini-refrigerator but that is it. There is no stove or sink with the Hutte Hut.

As I said before, the Hutte Hut is perfect for the modern minimalist. Please see additional specs.

Weight900 Pounds
GVRW3,500 Pounds
Tongue Weight75 Pounds
Base PricingAround $63,900

The Topo Series by Escapod

The Topo Series by Escapod advertises their teardrop trailer as the #FreeToRoam trailer. This trailer is just that, built to explore. The Escapod has a durable exterior, solid steel frame with trail runner all-terrain tires. This trailer is meant to be taken off-road. 

The exterior has numerous features and upgrade options. One standard feature is the removable rear kitchen cabinet door which converts to a fold-out dining table. Another standard feature is their galley kitchen in the rear of the trailer. The kitchen features a stainless steel countertop, a YETI cooler on a pull-out drawer, and plenty of cabinets for storage. There is an upgrade option for a two-burner stove to be installed in the countertop, however, I did not see an option for a sink.

Several additional upgrades include a storage deck located at the front of the trailer that can hold several storage bins, an outdoor shower, solar power, along with other options. The most unique upgrade is the FSR 55″ rooftop tent. This add-on is excellent for a family or group of friends that want to camp together. This rooftop tent provides so many sleeping options.

The interior of the trailer is spacious for two. There are many storage cubbies and hidden compartments to house your camping needs. One of the cabinet doors opens as a slanted shelf perfect for a laptop to sit on for watching movies or working while exploring.

The Escapod has so many features and options to make this teardrop trailer work for anyone’s camping lifestyle. I don’t want to forget to mention that the Escapod company has an option to rent this trailer. If you are interested in this lifestyle but worried about buying one, rent it!

Please see below additional specs about this trailer.  

Weight1,600 Pounds
GVRWNot Listed
Length12’ 5‘’
Height6’ 5’’
Tongue Weight125 Pounds
Base PriceAround $16,500

High Camp Trailers

High Camp Trailers’ sleek design will attract any avid camper. The satin-finished curved aluminum exterior will not only have heads turning but it is extremely durable. There are not any additional features on the outside of the trailer to apprehend the beauty of the sleek exterior.

The rear hatch opens to a minimalist kitchen. There are several hidden compartments for kitchen necessities. One compartment has a pull-out three-burner stove. The stove is on a heavy-duty drawer that can hold up to 200 pounds, plenty of strength for large pots of soups and stews. In the center of the kitchen, there is an eye-level pull-out cooler. However, you will not see a sink in their trailers.

The interior houses beautiful light birch wood from floor to ceiling. There are hidden compartments that have the look of boating cubbies with nautical looking latches. There are fold-down cup holders on either side of the bed below individual reading lights. This cabin holds a queen-sized bed comfortable for two.

If you want a sleek design and minimalist features, this is your trailer. See below for additional specs.

Weight1,450 Pounds
GVRW2,500 Pounds
Height5’ 5’’
Tongue Weight180 Pounds
Base PriceAround $17,150

Polydrop Trailer

The Polydrop trailer is the lightest trailer on this list. Originally designed to be light enough to be pulled behind a 4-cylinder car. Its unique shape most likely inspired the name of the company. This teardrop trailer does not look like its competitors but that doesn’t stop it from selling.

The exterior has a smooth design with a small hatch in the rear. The rear of the trailer houses the compact kitchen, only home to two cabinets. There are electrical hookups that allow you to add a small stove if needed. Also, the exterior of the trailer is made to survive cold climates. This trailer is tightly insulated to keep the cabin warm.

The interior has almost a triangle-shaped frame, allowing for deep cubbies. The cabin holds a thick foam mattress large enough for two. There is roof ventilation and gull-wing doors, unique to the Polydrop. The gull-wing doors open up instead of out like most doors. These doors bring in the flow of fresh air into the cabin.

This micro lightweight, simplistic trailer is perfect for the on-the-go camper. It can be pulled by any vehicle, anywhere. See below additional specs regarding this trailer.  

Weight760 Pounds
GVRW1,200 Pounds
Tongue Weight80 Pounds
Base PriceAround $9,000

The Timberleaf Classic

The Timberleaf Classic stands out with its bold, wood looking exterior showing off its sleek design. The Timberleaf does not disappoint. It has more windows than its competitors letting in plenty of natural light. Besides the windows on both cabin doors, there are windows on either side of the cabin and a large skylight. The skylight was well thought of, as it expands the width of the cabin. It displays the best view of the stars while lying in bed.

The interior of the cabin includes a mattress large enough for two with surrounding cubbies. There are two fold-out trays on either side of the bed just large enough for a book or drink. Towards the head of the bed, there are reading lights on each side. The entire cabin is engulfed in stunning birch plywood making for a cozy feel.

The rear hatch opens to a galley kitchen. The kitchen continues with the same stunning birch plywood as in the cabin. In the center of the countertop is a small sink with a tall faucet. There is plenty of countertop space on either side of the sink. Below the counter, to the left of the sink, is a pull-out drawer housing a two-burner stove and to the right is a pull-out, custom-built cooler. The door of the custom-built cooler has a manly looking leather strap that gives this kitchen that extra detail. There are two additional cabinets behind the sink for additional storage.

This bold teardrop trailer is a show stopper. It stands out with its attention to detail and unique features. The Timberleaf is sure to impress. Please see below additional specs about this trailer.

Weight1,400 Pounds
GVRW2,000 Pounds
Tongue Weight150 Pounds
Base PriceAround $21,500

All of these teardrop trailer companies have a tremendous amount of passion for their products. Their heart and soul shine through their trailers as many of them are family-owned businesses. You cannot go wrong with any of these choices.

Happy camping!

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