Best Wheel Chocks

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Every time you park your RV, you will need to chock the wheels so it does not roll. This is a huge safety measure you don’t want to skip.

After looking at RV shops and talking with fellow campers, we love the basic Camco wheel chocks. These things are very cost effective if you forget them, or happen to run them over. (don’t ask me how I know) If you have a heavy trailer, you may want to look at solid rubber chocks.


We use X-Chocks in addition to standard wheel chocks and they make a huge difference. X-Chocks are not meant to be permanent wheel chocks, but are designed to help reduce wobble while walking around in your trailer. Adding X-Chocks to your trailer when you are parked really levels up your experience and gives you some extra piece of mind.

Make sure to keep your X-Chocks locked up to your travel trailer wheels as to not have them get stolen as they are a popular item. Use these locks here to keep them locked to your wheel or undercarriage.

Why you need to chock your wheels

You need to chock your wheels to keep your travel trailer from rolling. The brakes are not applied when your travel trailer is parked, so chocking your wheels is the only way to keep the RV from rolling. When we are parked while hooked up to the truck on an incline, I also chock the wheels to relieve pressure off the e brake and transmission of the vehicle.

What to look for in a wheel chock

Look for a chock that is large enough for your application. The chocks mentioned above are only good for 26” and lower tires. If you have a RV on the heavier side, consider getting a solid rubber chock. Rubber wheel chocks will last longer and are more durable, however cost more if you lose or damage them.

Can I just use a 2×4?

No, it isnt reccomended to use a 2×4. If you are on any type of slope, even small, do you want somethign less than 2” high holding your 4,000+ pound trailer from rolling? If you have 21” tires, a chock 2” high only covers less than 10% of your overall wheel height.

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